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Marcus Jackson: I'm committed to Miami, my dream school
Vero Beach (FL) High School OL and Cane commitment Marcus Jackson was a standout at the University of Florida's Friday Night Lights camp three days ago.

He worked closely there with Gator coach Steve Addazio.

"He was teaching me some things about my pass protection," Jackson said. "There was a lot of things he taught me, really small things that can help in the passing game."

While Addazio was in his ear all camp, Jackson says the coach didn't make a big push to have him decommit from Miami.

"No, when I was at the campus it was a competitive nature," Jackson said. "It was competing, wasn't a recruiting thing. They were just trying to make me better as a player, teach me about the stance. There's a lot of things we don't do at my high school, don't run a zone blocking system.

"When I was there, they have the videos and tell the whole group about what they do at Florida. After that it was just a camp."

Jackson earned plenty of praise from observers for his work at the camp.

"There was a lot of good competition out there," Jackson said. "I just came out there with the simple fact I wanted to have a great time and see how I stacked up with everyone else. I just wanted to have the right mindset.

"I knew I could do well, but the thing about it is I didn't know I did as well as everyone said I was doing. I knew I wasn't getting beat, but there's always something you can do better - if the technique isn't perfect it doesn't matter if you do win.

Jackson says he's noncommittal on taking other visits or where he might go.

"I just don't even know right now," he said.

Of more immediate concern: Recuperating from the strenuous camp.

"I'm sore - my neck is all sore from doing one on one, hitting bags," he said.

Of his UM commitment level, Jackson said, "It's a commitment. I'm committed to Miami. You know the story of why I committed, it's my dream school. So it is what it is."
Jackson is another player I think that is sticking with us. Not even paying attention to those rumors. He has talked to the staff and you have to take him at his word. He wants to be a Cane.

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